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I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor but that was because i didn't know anything about it and I didn't know anyone that had been to one.  I was not convinced that it would benefit me with the problems I was having.  I had been having headaches on a daily basis that we really starting to get me down.  I was tired of the headaches and the aching in my neck and shoulder areas.  It was gradually getting worse and I was tired of getting medications from my family doctor.  One of the people I work with had told me of the success that he was having at your office.  It still did not sell me on calling to get an appointment.  I guess I felt that is wasn't bad enough yet to worry about and I was hoping it would go away on it's own.  I knew that the person that I work with was being treated for a different problem than I had so I wasn't sure that it would help me.  I had started exercising at a gym and thought that this might help with the problems.  Of course it didn't and the pain gradually started to get worse, especially the headache's.  At work the right kind of symptoms. To even go to a chiropractor.  I was told to make an appointment, that it would do me good and that I would feel better.  That same I called for an appointment and came in.  I was nervous but everyone in the office made me feel comfortable.  Since being a patient, I have not had another headache at all and my neck and shoulders have relaxed in a way that I haven't felt in years.  I do not tighten up like I used to and just overall feel better.  I will continue my treatment as I should because it's nice to feel good again and it definately helps your mood and frame of mind  - Dan

I came to your office March 8, 1999 for the first time.  I had lower back pain and burning pain down my left leg.  After examining and x-raying me, you told me I had a pulled muscle and deteriorating discs in my lower back.  I recieved treatment three times per week for over a year and was feeling really good.  So good I started to slip away from treatment.  Thank you and your staff for caring about me.  You guys are always friendly and make me feel at home.  The friends I have sent you say the same thing.  Thank You and your staff for caring about human beings and how they feel.  I will keep coming back for periodic treatments - John

I am glad to finally get this opportunity to share with others what you have done for me as a patient.  When I first came o see you i was having a very difficult times with pain in lower back and trhoughout my right leg.  I am a self-employed housekeep and my daily routine was becoming unbearable.  Your diagnosis was right on and your explanation, very enlightening as I had no idea what was happening to me.  Even though I had no insurance and could not work for a period of time you continued to treat me with amazing results.  I don't know what kind of shape I would be in had I not come to your office, but I will never regret the day I started recieving treatment.  Since my initial visit my back pain and mobility have improved greatly and allowed me to return to my professional responsibilities.  I cannot thank you and your wonderful staff enough and am very grateful to have this chance to say so, as well to share this time with other. Thank you so very much - Darlene

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